Muse of the Month: October: As sure as there are acorns

07th October 2016
As soon as the ripe acorns start to fall amongst the sweet chestnuts that bounce and roll over the ground, then the rutting season starts for Fallow and Red Deer begins.

Being close to our largest UK mammals is a humbling experience, not least a little unnerving at times! As ever I pride myself on getting in the right place so they come to me.

Emotional and hormonally charged they a little unpredictable, so I like to stand as far away as I can, just in case..but when they come to me it's a matter of holding my nerve and hoping that they will bottle it before I do!
In amongst the roaring,the chasing and the relentless posturing by the males, there are tender moments for females who are still taking care of this year's fawns.

Reassuring nuzzles and licks, even sometimes flicks and kicks when they need to be hurried along the females have a tense time of things juggling parental duties and an interest to get back into the dating scheme!

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