Otterly fantastic

11th July 2016
Having found out the collective name for the Puffins I was optimistic enough to research the collective name for Otters. Again there are options but the best has to be a romp of otters which I think more than accurately describes their natural behaviour.

Whilst in Mull I thought it was going to be a golden week for Otter spotting. On the first day, whilst mooching about on the shoreline, I spied my very first otter. It was a long way out in the loch and seemed very content diving, fishing and dining on its catch.

I tried to follow all the previously learnt instructions from Neil McIntyre, about being more light footed over the rocks, staying downwind, only moving when the otter went underwater etc. However, as my excitement grew watching the otter come ashore, I think my over eagerness, coupled with a sudden wind change, ensured that the otter just disappeared in front of me not to resurface.

As the week wore on we saw distant views and more frustratingly heard tales from other visitors on great otter sightings.

Never expecting but always hoping we were at last rewarded with a full two hours worth of glimpses of not one but five otters in total all coming to shore.

Usually it's always a blade of grass in the way but this time it was piles of mustard coloured seaweed, boulders and rocks, those cunning little otters really know how to dodge a trained camera!

In summary I got closer this time but the score to date is a convincing 3-0 to the otters..I suspect however I will be back to Mull for a rematch next year!

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