Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

06th May 2015
I've just returned from a wonderful trip to Kenya organised by Jonathan Lewis of Norfolk Wildlife Photography. Please see many of my photographic efforts achieved during this trip under the gallery of "Been there done that: Kenya" but worthy of a special mention was our visit to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage based in Nairobi National Park.

The wonderful work of this orphanage, currently home to 27 baby elephants, has been well documented and I am so glad I got this chance to personally experience it.

It was a very bitter sweet moment, on one hand witnessing the joy of 10 baby Elephants softly, thunder their way down a slope with on thing on their mind.. to be fed a large bottle of milk formula,and on the other hand wishing that they were actually running to be fed in the wild, by their natural mothers.

It's heartbreaking when you hear their terrible plight and yet wonderful at the same time to know that they are now safe. When they are bigger and old enough, they will eventually be re-habituated fit and well, capable and strong into Tsavo National Park.

Human greed, not need, made these whimsical, wobbly, baby beasts now dependant on a human hand that will feed them. I can hope only that their natural survival instincts truly kick in once they are back on the plains of the Africa National Parks. That they know to stay well aware from human contact to live and enjoy a better end of their life than their traumatised start in life.

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