Slovakian FairyTale

28th April 2018
I am just back from having spent a few days in the enchanting forests in the Lower Tatra Mountains. I was hopeful of seeing and photographing European Brown Bears and maybe a few other forest inhabitants.

The scenery was stunning and magical, everywhere I looked there was something exciting to see. Fast pace bubbling brooks full of energetic Dippers, Golden Eagles majestically perched on tree branch perches and even on the tracks through the forest were deer, fox, badger and hares, making sudden and surprising encounters a real treat.

The bears themselves were a little clever in that they decided to make appearances in front of the hide during the very early morning and late evening making photographing them impossible.

Small, compact and with extra cuddly round ears they had to be the sweetest bear I have yet had the pleasure of watching. A couple did venture out one afternoon into the meadow and we were rewarded with chances to photograph two bears. At one point a military aircraft zoomed across the skyline and a male bear watched it with interest, definitely a facial expression that asked: "Is it a plane is it bird moment"

Would I go back is usually the question I ask myself ...and despite the lack of photographs this time round, my answer would be yes I would!

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